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In 2018, participating abortion funds raised a total of: $2,003,903.02

The 2018 Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon has ended, but you can still donate directly to your local fund and sign up as an individual member to stay closely connected to our work.

Bowl-a-Thon is an annual series of local and virtual events that allow community members (like you!) to captain your own fundraising teams as part of a movement. We hope you join us again next year!

Everyone loves someone who had an abortion.
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In 2018, 47 abortion funds committed to raising over $2 million across 33 states at 64 events. Bowl-a-Thon is a testament to how small amounts as low as $10 can snowball into a massive collective force that redistributes wealth and privately funds abortions that should be covered no matter where people live, what insurance they have, or how much money they make.

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