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New York Abortion Access Fund

Spare Us Your Boehner -- Adam Lee


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Robert Sheets: $100

Susan Parpart: $35

Anonymous: $50

Karen Brooks: $10

Lucy Donato: $20

Anonymous: $50
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Goal: $500

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I'm bowling for abortion access because I believe that women's lives matter. I'm bowling for abortion access because I think every woman deserves the opportunity to shape her own life. Most of all, I'm bowling because I trust women. And I know you do, too!
When you support me in the Bowl-a-Thon, you're not only directly helping a woman to access necessary medical care, you’re also giving her back the opportunity to pursue her hopes and dreams. You’re ensuring that no woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she couldn’t come up with the bus fare to a distant clinic, or because she had the wrong insurance, or was short $100. You’re helping a woman change her life.
What could be more satisfying? I'll wear the rental shoes, and we'll both strike barriers to abortion access!
Please donate today, and thank you!
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