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Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

Triwizard Tournament -- Pro Choice Harrisonburg VA


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Cherie Seise: $15

Emily Johnson: $10

Jessica Lee: $25

Emily Stainkamp: $15

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Rebecca Keel: $5

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Ha Tran: $10

Safiya Bridgewater: $40

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I'm bowling for abortion access because abortion funds helped me when I needed an abortion, and I want to make sure that everyone has access to the same options I did.
This is my story. Please read and donate today, thank you!
I am 22 years old a mom of 3 and in August of 2013 I found out I was pregnant again. Right from the start I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I was already a little over 6 weeks when I found out. I was so mad my birth control had failed. Then for the next few weeks I had bleeding every day.  In October that's when things got worse. I was 12 weeks at my doctors appointment getting my follow up ultrasound for the vaginal bleeding I was experiencing. After my ultrasound I was taking to another room where the nurse had me sit down and was given me results to my ultrasound. She said "You have a complete placenta previa. That's when the placenta is lying completely over the cervix and having a vaginal delivery will not be possible." She said I couldn't have sex either because it could cause me to bleed more. She also said I had a hematoma between the uterine wall and placenta.
The weeks that followed were hell. I still bled every week and I was still not sure if I wanted to have the baby or what. I finally came open to my doctor at 16 weeks and asked what was best? Was it best to abort? She said with my high risk for going into labor early and having two premature births and with the complications I was having and had she honestly thought it was best for me to abort. She gave me a number to call so that I could have my abortion done and that way my insurance will pay for it. But when I called I was told they can not do it because I was over 12 weeks old and that my insurance will only cover it if I was already literally hemmoraging. In other words they could not help unless I was literally dying right there and then. I called my doctor again. She gave me another number to a Richmond clinic who provides abortions until 20 weeks. I was already 17 1/2 weeks. When I called the lady said my abortion will cost $1,895 dollars. My mouth dropped! The lady said you can have help through abortion funds and gave me a few numbers to call. I called all and they connected me to clinics in the DC area and Maryland area that were less expensive. But when I will call and ask if the y could do an abortion with me having placenta previa they said no.
So I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I googled ways to abort at home. Ways to induce labor and took different herbs and even drank alcohol and punched my stomach multiple times in hope that I will cause a miscarriage and not have to pay the $1,895 that I did not have but nothing worked.
I called the funds again this time already 18 1/2 weeks. I was desperate oh my gosh. I cried and cried and told them there has to be a doctor and a way please help me. I was so scared I was going to die. I gathered $600 but still was missing $1,295 dollars. A lady from a abortion fund took my case and helped me gather all the money from all the different abortion funds in my area. They helped me get to my appointment and provided lodging also. The days leading to my appointment I got more and more anxious. The clinic in Richmond told me that if I measured bigger than 20 weeks I couldn't have my abortion. I felt so nervous the day of my ultrasound which was going to confirm how far along I was. I remember just feeling sick hoping I didn't measure any bigger. She said out loud "ok" you're 19 1/2 weeks. I felt so relieved. I was asked if I wanted an ultrasound picture I told her no and said I didn't even want to look at the ultrasound. I was taken to another room where we went over paperwork and I was given medicine to help make the dilation process more comfortable. I spotted a few hours up until the next day the actual day of the procedure.
I got my abortion December 17, 2013. It didn't hurt felt a few more cramps after but nothing extreme. I felt very relieved and I am actually very happy I had it I am happy I made the right decision for me and my kids. I don't regret my decision for me and my kids. I don't regret my abortion at all. I am so thankful for these abortion funds were there to help. And I am thankful they came together to help me.
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