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New York Abortion Access Fund

Yale Nursing Students for Choice -- Amy "Bimanual" Gordon


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I'm bowling for abortion access because I believe women's lives matter.
As a soon-to-be-licensed nurse-midwife, I know that childbirth and parenthood, when freely chosen, is a journey to be celebrated and supported. And for that free choice to mean anything at all, we must equally celebrate and support the ability to opt out of parenthood when it isn't right. That means comprehensive and sex-positive education in schools. It means access to safe, affordable, and appropriate birth control. And, because our contraceptive technologies will never be perfect--and neither will we--it means unfettered access to abortion, and not just in the states that go blue every two years. I'm frustrated that a growing number of states have legislative roadblocks denying women agency and dignity in one of the most personal and important decisions a person can make. I'm angry that the Hyde Amendment is still on the books, not only restricting funding but also sanctioning the idea that abortion is insupportable and uncommon, that it's something other people do. I'm sad that the national conversation on abortion is informed by hearsay and bias and misinformation. And I suck at feeling impotent. So what do I do?
I bowl. Probably terribly. And I ask your support.
When you support me in the Bowl-a-Thon, you're not only directly helping a woman to access necessary medical care, you’re also giving her back the opportunity to pursue her hopes and dreams. You’re ensuring that no woman is forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she couldn’t come up with the bus fare to a distant clinic, or because she had the wrong insurance, or was short $100. You’re helping a woman change her life.
Please consider donating today. No amount is too small. And if you'll be in NYC on April 27, please come and cheer us on!
Thank you for your support. 
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