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Lilith Fund and West Fund - El Paso

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Welcome to the First Annual Joint Lilith Fund and West Fund Annual Bowl-a-Thon! 

The 2014 El Paso Bowl-a-Thon will be held on  

April 5, 2014 

(Details about the location and time will be emailed to participants as the event grows closer.)


The Lilith Fund fills a vital health care gap by helping Texans get the health care they want and need. We believe that all Texans should have the right to shape their lives, their families, and their futures. The Lilith Fund envisions a society in which equal access to abortion is guaranteed for all, regardless of economic situation. The Lilith Fund believes in reproductive equity. The right to choose an abortion is meaningless without access to abortion services. Restrictions on abortion access and funding especially burden out low-income clients. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed to fighting for access to abortion.

2013 was an incredible year for the Lilith Fund. We spent hundreds of hours on our hotline talking to clients in need. We gave away thousands of dollars to Texans who have had their legal rights curtailed by restrictive laws and regulations. The landscape in Texas is vastly different now than it was just a year ago.

In 2014, we'll hear from callers making difficult decisions and facing unimaginable sorrow and heartbreak. We'll hear from callers who are trying to leave an abusive relationship, or who have been raped and assaulted. We'll speak to countless callers who simply cannot afford a child, who will have to choose between buying groceries and paying for their abortion. And we'll speak to far too many callers whose procedures will skyrocket in price as their pregnancies progress due to the countless barriers and restrictions they will face as they try to access their legal right to abortion. 

West Fund is a non-profit organization formed to serve individuals in the West Texas area. We work to make abortions accessible to individuals who need them, and fight back against bad  legislation and anti-choice rhetoric. We hope to build support within the community, so people in El Paso and West Texas can all come together to support choice and help people live their lives in the way they see fit.
At West Fund, these are our values: we believe that all people have a right to choose what is best for their bodies and lives. And, that people of all races, genders, ages, economic situations, and documentation status deserve access to an abortion, and proper abortion care. Because access is getting more and more difficult, we came together to help people receive the care they need, despite the barriers put in place by legislation, distance, and money. 
We're excited for the upcoming challenges of being a newly established fund, especially in this state, and we've already been touched by the generosity and support of so many people, organizations, and funds. In teaming up with Lilith, we hope that we will be able to reach a bigger number of participants and donors.

Regardless of their economic circumstances, Texans deserve abortion as a healthcare option. Lack of access hurts people's health and well-being and brings harm to so many families, children, and communities. When you sign up to participate in this year's Bowl-a-Thon, please know that the money you raise will have a direct impact on our clients' lives.

El Paso is a unique city with only two clinics providing abortion care to women from two countries and most of west Texas.  With the new clinic regulations passed in 2013, both of those clinics stand to close by the end of this year.  El Paso and Juarez women deserve access to safe and available healthcare and we are excited to get our information out here in West Texas and raise funds to increase the number of women we can help!


 Frequently Asked Questions 

*What is a Bowl-a-Thon?*

The Bowl-a-Thon is an online fundraiser in which abortion funds from all across the country raise money to help provide financial assistance to people who can't afford to pay for their abortions.

*How do I participate?*

To register as a team captain-- all it takes is* 6* awesome people who like to bowl and care about reproductive justice. Each gutterball queen or king will commit raise *$100* for the Lilith Fund. As a team captain, you will rally your team to be the best that they can be. Don’t worry, we'll give you tips and tools to raise above and beyond. Think about it-- I'm sure you know 4 people who would surely donate a mere $25, and just like that, you've met your goal. Just click on the "Register" button above and you'll be on your way.

 *How will **my** awesomeness compare to the awesomeness of the other participants?*

We're using a totally swank online fundraising system that promises to make your online tracking of donations easier with technical assistance from the National Network of Abortion Funds. The National Network of Abortion Funds is assisting with Bowl-a-Thons across the country!

*What if I don't have a Team? *

Contact us at info@lilithfund.org and we can hook you up with teams looking for bowlers, and bowlers looking for teams. Think about all the awesome like-minded Hyde Strikers you could meet!

*What if I am an amateur bowler and not a bowling rock star?*

The best part is… Bowling is completely optional! Your team can choose not to bowl. You can come to the Bowl-a-Thon and cheer. You cheer for the bowlers. You cheer for prizes. You cheer for reproductive justice. You cheer, or just drink, it's your call.


Top individual fundraisers
Participant Team Amount Raised
Claudia The Dream Team $ 563.00
matt The Dream Team $ 510.00
Kristyn For Annabelle $ 330.00
Adriano D Chul@s For Adriano $ 301.00
Mel B Melba and The Toasters $ 260.00
Lauren For Annabelle $ 215.00
Jo Anne Bernal-Castillo Team $ 200.00
Sydney Monroe Chul@s For Adriano $ 190.00
Alyssah R Clit Romney $ 175.00
Victor Reyes The Dream Team $ 172.00
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Top fundraising teams
Team Amount Raised
The Dream Team $ 1,500.00
Chul@s For Adriano $ 746.00
For Annabelle $ 735.00
Melba and The Toasters $ 349.00
Clit Romney $ 330.00
Alley Gators $ 215.00
Bernal-Castillo Team $ 200.00
Pinheads $ 150.00
Glitter Bots $ 100.00
Ovarychievers $ 100.00
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